Corporate responsibility

As one of the leading global manufacturers for cable management systems, the NIEDAX GROUP takes its corporate social responsibility extremely seriously at all its facilities, both in Germany and our international subsidiaries.

We firmly believe that transparent management to strict ethical standards helps a company to drive forward sustainable development and to achieve healthy growth.

We have always striven for the right balance between economic, ecological und social objectives. These fundamental values are also set out in our Code of Conduct.

Ecological responsibility

We know that natural resources are both valuable and limited. They must therefore be treated with the utmost care and responsibility, not least for the good of future generations.

Our great respect for the environment is reflected in the way we save on natural resources. Wherever it is not possible to restrict our use of resources to a level at which they can regenerate, we focus on minimising use, avoiding waste, ensuring reuse and recycling, and, as always, on the production of high-quality, long-lasting products.

Other measures include recording and optimising consumption statistics. Our environmental objective is continuous improvement, far beyond the minimum standards required by law.

To achieve this objective, we have committed to sustainable production with the focus on innovation and the use of the latest technology.

Economic sustainability

Business operations in a highly competitive environment demand that we constantly think ahead, assess our activities and rapidly implement repositioning measures.

On one hand this includes focusing on specific core business segments; on the other hand strategic acquisitions can also help expanding our expertise to offer more flexible and therefore more viable production, product portfolio and services.

Appropriate investments or restructuring measures for existing facilities can open up new roads through both technology and organisation. Our strength is the full control of nearly the whole value chains.

Our business goal is to take a critical and flexible approach to our operations, always being open for profitable opportunities for change offering competitive advantages and secure sites and jobs.

Social sustainability

A pleasant and sustainable working environment helps ensuring a healthy, satisfied and motivated workforce.

We must work constantly to maintain such an environment, not just through strictly following the highest industrial health and safety and fire protection standards, but also by ensuring health and safety awareness of our staff.

A range of part-time roles and flexible working hour’s options also allow staff to achieve the right work-life balance.

Our vocational training programs secure the qualified new talent we need, and companies that are unable to offer similar schemes also benefit from the skills of our highly qualified trainees.

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